Quat - A 3D-Fractal-Generator
Version 1.20

Download of Quat 1.20:

All archives come with documentation and examples.
The source code archive in Unix .tar.gz format can be unzipped under Windows with Winzip.
Under Windows there are optimized versions for Pentium III/IV, which don't run on older processors. These versions currently are untested.

System Processor (or higher) File Size
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Pentium quat-1.20-setup.exe 1054 KB
Pentium III quat-1.20-pentium3-setup.exe 1055 KB
Pentium IV quat-1.20-pentium4-setup.exe 1047 KB
Linux glibc 2.2 (e.g. Slackware 8.0/8.1) Pentium quat-1.20-linux-static.tar.gz 541 KB

Source code:

The archives should be decompressed to keep the directory structure.
The binaries have been linked statically against FLTK 1.1.1.

Program description

Online documentation of Quat

Quat is a program for the calculation of genuine three dimensional fractals, like those you can see in the Artist Forum, the Fractal Gallery or at the Sculptures. These fractals can be cut open to explore their interior. For this purpose you can define intersection planes, whose positions can be adjusted freely.
The coloring of an object is done very flexible by a formula, which attaches a color to every point in space.

Quat is licensed through GNU GPL license version 2 ("GNU General Public License"), therefore it may and shall be copied without costs. The source code is also available. Please read the license, which is also included in the downloadable archives.

Quat calculates a fractal in PNG image format using 24bit true color. The calcuation can be done in text mode, graphical output during calculation is also possible, but often in worse quality than the image being saved.

Quat runs on a variety of platforms. Following precompiled versions could be downloaded: Windows (32bit), Linux (X Window System) and DOS. Furthermore, it should be no problem to recompile the source on any system that has an ANSI-C-Compiler installed, at least in a version without graphical output.

Short overview over the features:

Quat 1.20 has the following new features and bugfixes:

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